holland breakfast set



Why don’t you have breakfast in bed with souvenirs in red white and blue from Holland?! You can’t find a more typical Dutch souvenir than this breakfast set. But it has got a quirky twist! A typical thing for the youth is to kiss in the bicycle lot in High School; Bicycles and Dutch love & freedom: Amsterdam kissing boys! Including more average Dutch colors; Delfts blue. A box for salt with a windmill and a souvenir spoon with the Amsterdam weapon. For 1 person

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Exactly what you get: Plate in blues with a hand painted blue decor in the middle (Upsala-Ekeby Sweden *Blatt Band, designed by Arthur Percy in 1930) / Mug with red  old-fashioned bicycles (Eversberg, West Germany) / Handdecorated Eggcup ‘I Love Holland’ (Royal Schwabap, 1984 Ter Steege bv Holland) / Tea spoon (31 Jan,1938, Beatrix) / metal coaster in blue with flowers and a cork backside (All Items are vintage) / Delfts Blue souvenir mini box ‘Holland’ and souvenir statuette Amsterdam ‘kissing boys’ (These items are new.)

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