Why don’t you have drinks while studying a map of Friesland, The Netherlands? Bring home an altenative souvenir! This tray, set for drinks, comes with a handprinted scarf which is also a tourist map of Friesland. The sugarbowl and spoon are a souvenir from the city of Drachten. It has the image of the main bridge (hoofdbrug) on it; handpainted with lustre, just like the espresso cup and saucer and matching peach iridescent. mini Brandy snifter glass. The larger glass is a typical Dutch beerglass, made for the wedding of the former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands to Claus von Amsberg in the 1960s. Shiny, sophisticated and simple design in statement colors, a very tasteful souvenir!

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On this tray which is round earthenware (petrus regout, maastricht, parafeu, made in holland ‘ Parafeu’ made since 1922 fire and acid proof earthenware); 1 espresso cup and saucer hand painted with lustres in orange with platinum adorned rim and handle (“Polka” by LSA International). Combined with a delicate peach iridescent digestive glass in  (1960s) / 1 antique ceramic mini coaster painted in soft yellow lustre / souvenir sugar pot ‘Drachten-Hoofdbrug‘   / 1 beer glass with the images of H.R.H. Princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg  in remembrance of their wedding in March 1966 / A silk scarf with a  tourist map of Friesland (copyright ALIMEX hand printed). For 1 person.

measurements; espresso cup & saucer 11 x 7.3cm / sugarpot ø8 cm / digestive glass 8 cm / beer glass 16 cm  / scarf 45 x 45 cm / coaster ø 6,5 cm (All items are vintage in mint condition.)

This set is packed in a pink gift box (16 x 13 x 10 cm)

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.