Why don’t you bring home a gift set from Limburg (the most southern part of the Netherlands). Give an altenative souvenir! The clear crystal tray, design from Marc Aurel, is set for drinks and nibbles and comes with a vintage silk scarf illustrated with Limburg’s highlights! The glass mug, by Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie, is a PickWick collectable. The souvenir spoon has the crest of limburg The Dutch milkmaid is an a one of a kind ready-made statuette and is not meant to take apart, also you can’t play with this art-toy! She carries a rain bonnet and a small ceramic wooden shoe. The most original souvenir you will find in and from Holland!

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If you don’t want to use this set for drinks and nibbles you can always just put it somewhere in your home to look at, it’s beautiful enough!

On this tray which is made from 24% Lead Crystal aka Bleikristall (Marc Aurel*, Aus Dem Hause Nachtmann) / Mug in pressed glass (Jan des Bouvrie, PickWick) / Limburg souvenir spoon / Silk scarf ‘Limburg’ / Unique, ready-made statuette.


Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

(At the moment also available at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool store, in Amsterdam.)

*Marc Aurel was a design focused product line of premium crystal from Nachtmann, Germany. Introduced in the middle of the 20th century to appeal to the taste for a simple minimalist modern look.