Why don’t you treat yourself to cake? A happy moment for yourself, having a break with this extra-ordinairy stylish tray. The coffee or tea cup is photo printed with a road and trees; at the horizon of this road awaits a cake, set on a striped plate. Including a Luneville France porcelain advertisement dish with an old fashioned car illustration.


on this tray which is made from plywood  (43 x 27cm): 1 cup and saucer with a ‘highway’ design (made by Raam design concept Simon Pithie). 1 porcelain cakeplate with stripes (Novel) / Instead of the cake you get a free Luneville France porcelain advertisement dish with a car and 1913 Pascal Combeau Cognac Brandy (KG made in France). Items are vintage in mint condition. 1 copper colored small fork and spoon whis are brand new. For 1 person.

 Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order