Why don’t you drink your beer from these vintage, glass boots branded by the Dutch Oranjeboom (Orange tree) brewery? They are set on a pressed glass tray next to an orange vase; both items are vintage as well and made at the Royal Leerdam glass company. Bring some Dutch Heritage into your interior with this ready set tray in orange and black! It will also make do for a classy Souvenir from Holland, or the perfect gift for a beer-lover!

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Exactly what you get: 2 Golden rimmed beerglasses in the shape of boots (1950-1960 Oranjeboom 17 x 11 x 7cm) / 1 handmade glass vase in orange/1 pressed glass tray in black (ø Leerdam)


Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

Dutch Heritage:
These beerglasses printed with an Oranjeboom logo and text; met goud bekroond  (tr; crowed with gold) are part of the collection of  The Rotterdam Museum, they are marked at the bottom. The Oranjeboom Brewery was founded in Rotterdam in 1671, and was popular for it’s Dutch Gold beer. In 1990 the production shifted to Breda.