Why don’t you give a classy Dutch Souvenir as a present? This porcelain set is not your ‘average souvenir’ but it has it all: windmills and tulips in a wonderful decor! Also, it shows traditional Dutch costume from yesteryear on the lid of the cute ‘Zeeuwze Babbelaars’ candy tin, wich is a collectable item. (‘Zeeuwze Babbelaars’ are butter candy made since 1892 in Holland)

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Exactly what you get: Dutch Candy Tin ‘Echte Zeeuwse Roomboter Babbelaars’ ( L.J. Joosse, Middelburg, Holland) ø9 x 2,5 cm / breakfast plate (Arzberg, 1980s) / cup and saucer (Winterling Marktleuthen) / silver plated teaspoon (marked 90, D.E HH 100 Hooykaas). All items are vintage.


Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order. (At the moment also available at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool store, in Amsterdam.)