Custom-Ordered 50th Birthday Gifts

Happy Customers:
Custom-Ordered 50th Birthday Gifts.

Sarah and Abraham. When a Dutchman or Dutchwoman hits the half-century mark, he or she is said to be “seeing Abraham” or “seeing Sarah” (a reference to the biblical couple who were too old to have children until an angel of the Lord intervened).Fiftieth birthday celebrations in The Netherlands often point out the birthday boy or girl is old, grey and past it. The Dutch expression: “Sitting behind the Geraniums” means retiring and sitting at home watching the world go by from behind the Geraniums plants on the window sill. This has negative connotations; retirees say they are definitely NOT planning to sit behind the geraniums! But your 50th birthday also can be celebrated in style!


Please contact Mrs Jack if you would like to order a custom-made, personal gift.

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