Instant Interior Styling Mrs Jack presents ready-set, one-of-a-kind breakfast trays



Why don’t you start the day with a liquid breakfast in bed?! Spoil yourself by having your smoothie, coffee, tea and/or other beverages from a collection of stunning designer art-glass. Get this ready-set breakfast tray filled with reclaimed design; from Bauhaus to Riihimaki from crystal to pressed glass.

(photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

Exactly what you get: 1 large vase made from led crystal (Peill & Putzler signed P) /1 small vase (‘Candle Wax’ designed by Frantisek Peceny for Hermanova Hut)/ 1 medium vase (‘Aitan lukko’ designed by Helena Tynell,  for Riihimaki glassworks.) / 1 coupe (signed AC) /Wagenfeld cup with saucer (Jenaer Glas, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Collection) /1 eggcup in pressed glass. All items are in good vintage condition, not chipped or cracked. 1 copper spoon (brand new)


Measurements: Peill & Putzler large vase 12 x 30 cm/ “Aitan lukko” vase: height 21 cm, width 13,5 cm x 7,5 cm./

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.