Why don’t you turn your lunch into a party? Be a lady (or gent) and do lunch!

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This table is set with fragile crystal with gold detailing and bright accents. The centerpiece is very suitable for small nibbles or petit fours. All items are placed on the perfect foundation for any table: a classic white tablecloth with a simple ajour rim which will make do for a fine meal. For 2 persons.


On this table; 2 plates with a pink rim (made in holland) / 2 glasses golden rim / 2 crystal sorbet glasses (mark xx) / 1  water pitcher (“Allegro” by Floris Meydam, Royal Leerdam Kristalunie, 1971) / Centerpiece; clear glass platter for nibbles resting on a golden aluminium standard with a mini vase in shocking pink / All items are vintage & in mint condition. / 2 copper colored cutlery sets of 5 pieces each / 2 pinkish 100% cotton napkins / 1 white 100 % cotton tablecloth

Please order Mrs Jack for more information or to order.