Why don’t you give yourself something extra when buying a new teapot? Mrs Jack knows you will be happy with this matching tea-set “plus”; so she wrapped it in a gift-box! A modern classic set which has it all: a very well designed teapot, a quirky cat figurine and two clear glass cups and saucers. The 24kt golden accents on all items are the icing on the cake (for which you have to add your own serveware).

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Make yourself happy with this neoclassical, vintage teapot!


Exactly what you get: Teapot in porcelain (PT, Bavaria, Tirschenreuth, Germany 3, _produced between 1969 – 1995_ embossed inside lid 3 Model Corona?) / 2 cups and saucers (Siegl, 24 karat vergoldenet, made in West-Germany) / Cat figurine. All items are vintage in mint condition. For 2 people.