Why don’t you have a nude breakfast in bed? This ready-set tray, styled with transparent glassware only, makes sure you can keep it upscale and classy!

On this tray which is made from fiberglass in light peach (Camtray, Cambro): Wagenfeld cup with saucer (Jenaer Glas, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Collection) An antique drinking glass with detailed etchings 2 glasses (ca 1900, Jeekel en Mijnssen & Co, Leerdam). 1 large, cotton napkin. Glass plate and eggcup (France), The latter and the 1980s serveware from Vereco, France are vintage in mint condition. For 1 person.


Measurements: Tray 27 x 35 cm/Cup with saucer H 45 / W 167 / L 167 mm

Unity of art and technology. Wilhelm Wagenfeld, precursor of modern industrial design, cooperated with Jenaer Glas  in the 1930s in a special way: both accepted one of the earliest relationships of art and industrial technology. While Jenaer Glas’ newly developed kinds of glass permitted higher temperature differences and thus cooking, baking and freezing, Wagenfeld had the manifest vision of designing things in a way that clearly suggest their usage.
The general usability of industrial production should also lead to a new appreciation of estetics. Thus, he envisioned products that were humane and prototypically beautiful. The tea pot developed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld can up to this day be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
From this art historical development emerges a specific set of values, that still links extraordinary shape and practical use up until today. This theme – unity of art and technology – is at the basis of our work when we need to interpret today’s food and lifestyle trends.


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