Why don’t you let yourself go? Eat your dinner in front of the TV, like you used to do! Reminsence about your love for cowboys and native american indians fighting like American Idols from the past while eating from this ready-set tray filled with collectable items Such as a Western German mug and ‘Cowboy plate’ and a genuine Karl Marx Toy in fighting modus, hiding behind a postmodern cactus peppershaker.

Tips from Mrs Jack: this ready-set tray is very suitable as a gift. It’s mancave material and also great for children.


Exactly what you get: Tray burlap fiberglass (Euromax Holland) with a tiny stain on the bottom/Ceramic plate with illustration of Cowboys and uneven rim in dark green tones (Ceramano Steinzeug W.Germany) with one chip on the bottom/Ceramic mug in dark green tones (1970s: CP Colditz made in GDR) /Drinking glass with tinted green stem in structured glass/Collectable plastic toy from the Cowboy playset 1964 (Louis Marx & Co © MCMLXIV)/‘Coral n Cactus’ brown pepper shaker  (design by Bruce Haliday, 1995, for Viceversa, Italy)/PP Dome in yellow ochre (CWK Sweden) with some surface scratches. All items are vintage in mint condition, unless noted otherwise.

Measurements: tray 33 x 53 cm/plate ø26,5 cm/toy 15 cm tall/glass 13 cm tall/mug 7,5 cm tall/Dome ø 24,5 cm

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.