Why don’t you drink tea in a vintage vanilla yellow cup and put your flowers in a matching vase?! You can make this set a gift, by adding flowers. But you can always keep it for yourself of course! The vintage BODUM glass cup is designed by Carsten Jorgensen, it’s from the Bistro line, made from a pyrex type glass with plastic handles that are removable for cleaning. Nice to know: These Bodum style glasses were used as a prop in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation for Captain Picard’s famous “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”.

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€37,50 (including shipping within The Neterlands)

Exactly what you get: Round vase (Velser Delfts),  Glass cup with plastic holder and spoon (1980s Danish design, Bodum) / Plastic black tray (Tupperware). All items are vintage in mint condition. For one person.

The Vanilla Yellow set is packed in a black box (27 x 35 x 10 cm).

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

Bodum design company history