Why don’t you set the breakfast table with bright colors?


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The funky teapot is an eighties original; designed in Memphis style and made of porcelain. The blue cups and saucers are square shaped with rounded edges and are made of tempered glass, are accompanied by 2 green egg cups made of thick glass. The clear plates with a sturdy rim are also made of tempered glass, which is quite an unbeakable material. For 2 persons


On this tray; in hard pastel blue is made with bamboo fibres. (21×14 cm) / Teapot (Douwe Egberts,  J. Kronester, West Germany Bavaria) / 2 blue cups and saucers (1970s Vereco, France) / 2 glass plates ø21cm (1980s Vereco, France) All items are vintage in mint condition, the tray is new.

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.