Why don’t you have your breakfast in bright translucent colors? With this ready-set ‘Geometrics Tray’ you can do just that! The funky teapot is an eighties original; designed in ‘Memphis’ post-modern style, made in porcelain. The blue cups and saucers are square shaped with rounded edges and are made of tempered glass in the 1960s by Vereco, France.

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The drink-ware is accompanied by 2 green egg cups. The clear plates with a sturdy, rounded rim are also made of tempered glass, which is quite an unbeakable material. For 2 persons


On this tray; in hard pastel blue is made with bamboo fibres. (21×14 cm) / Teapot (Douwe Egberts,  J. Kronester, West Germany Bavaria) / 2 blue cups and saucers (1960s Vereco, France) / 2 glass plates ø21cm (1980s Vereco, France) All items are vintage in mint condition, the tray is new.

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.


Vereco advertisement from 1963