Why don’t you enjoy a private nightcap? Set this adorable, curved tray next to your bed! It’s made from black glass, by the Dutch Leerdam glass factories. Focus point is the illustrated (cheesy, but pretty) seventies beer glass with a blonde Pin-Up girl dressed in a see-through babydoll. If you’re not into drinking alcohol just fill the voluptuous decanter with water! All items are vintage in mint condition. Remember; this sexy set could well be a, sustainable, gift!

€37,50 (including shipping in The Netherlands)

On this mini tray:

which is an Art-Deco item, made from black pressed glass (black pressed glass tray (1930s designed by Copier, Leerdam) / Pin-Up girl illustrated, sexy nightcap drinking glass/ a voluptuous carafe. All items are vintage in mint condition. For 1 person.

This tray is wrapped in a black box (16 x 13 x 10 cm)

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