Mrs Jack ready set trays



Why don’t you have breakfast with the iconical Citroën H-Van Mug?! This multi-functional set will make a wonderful gift if you fill the vase with flowers (and/or put a small plant in the mug). And, if you add the yellow plate, it’s transformed for breakfast (in bed) which is also a nice gift idea; the smaller Arzberg candleholder doubles very well as an eggcup! Fun!

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On this tray:  which is made from black pressed glass (1930s, with one small cip on the rim) /2 white, black rimmed porcelain candleholders (Large Arzberg o5, Small Arzberg 73)/ 1 mug with a print of a classic Citroën H-van, in black and brown (Orca Coatings)/ 1 black ceramic vase (1990s). Yellow plate (Meissner Land, Elster Keramik). All items are vintage in mint condition. Breakfast is for one person.

Measurements: tray ø 23 cm, large candleholder; ø 6cm x 15 cm, yellow plate ø 18cm.

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