Why don’t you start the day with your Dearest. Bring him or her breakfast in bed with 2 eggs, champagne and maybe a little gift?!  Give a surreal experience! This breakfast lap-tray  (with a white bean-cushion) is a Goodmorning surprise for sure! It’s set in white with golden details. The unique egg cup in ceramic and copper, the heart shaped box (use for salt or a small gift: we suggest jewelry) ànd the exquisite serveware are perfect for a joyful breakfast or brunch. The napkin is embroidered with the letter D for Dearest (also suitable for a friend with a name starting with the letter D or for your Daddy)

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On this tray: Plate with golden details (Royal Albert, England, Bone China. Decor Val D’or) Cup for espresso with saucer in porcelain (Hutschenreuther, Hohenberg, Germany. Madeleine). Champagne flute with festive decor in black and gold (fifties style). A gold colored knife and a heart shaped pressed-glass box. Linen napkin with an embroidered D (for Dearest).

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

Mrs Jack’s Surreal Breakfast Trays: On these trays you’ll always find Mrs Jack’s distinguished 2 eggcup holder; a ceramic hand holding a wallet filled with 2 eggcups. All the surreal breakfast trays are set with white and gold or/and silver. See them all HERE