Why don’t you show your Mother (or your friend Maria or Mario) your love, and bring breakfast in bed with 2 eggs! Give a surreal experience! This breakfast tray is set in an antique, slightly tattered surrealist context. Golden rims and lace from Belgium, a  special mug for drinking in bed (or is it a small elephant?) and an unique egg cup in the shape of a hand (Mrs Jack Originals) are the main ingredients. Furthermore; this maybe be the first time that you eat your eggs with a golden spoon! How festive! (Remember; also suitable for a friend with a name starting with the letter M)

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On this tray:

which is made of plywood. 1  unique eggcup holder in ceramic with 2  identical porcelain golden rimmed eggcups (Bavaria, Schumann) /1 plate /1 “bed” mug / 1 normal mug / 1 sugar bowl (<all items with golden rim) / 24-karat plated golden spoon (japan)/coaster and napkin in Belgian lace/saltshaker in glas. All items are in good quality vintage condition.

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

Mrs Jack’s Surreal Breakfast Trays: On these trays you’ll always find Mrs Jack’s distinguished 2 eggcup holder; a ceramic hand holding a wallet filled with 2 eggcups. All the surreal breakfast trays are set with white and gold or/and silver. See them all HERE