Why don’t you place your lamp on a wooden pedestal?


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A gift-box with German design placed in a sophisticated composition; small reading lamp on a Bauhaus “Cubicus cube” which you can take apart and construct-play with. Mrs Jack loved the original, tattered look of these designs too much, so they haven’t been restored or cleaned*.


In this Still-Life: 1 natural wood, non cleaned/restored Cubicus with missing block (home made Peer Clahsen design) replaced by a plastic dice, 1 non cleaned/restored copper lamp with raffia lampshade (East Germany)

Measurements: cube 17 x 17 cm / lamp 12 x 27 cm

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.

*Cubicus: an infinite number of variations of constructions can be produced with the disassembled cube. The parts fit exactly on and into each other, so that sophisticated compositions are possible, designed by Peer Clahsen 1965 ; produced by  the Naef Company.

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