introducing mrs jack


A moving still-life by Mrs Jack featuring “The Helping Hand”: a beverage carrier by Yone/Japan (mid-century design) & “Wish come True”, a wishing amulet design by FriendsWithYou (2008).  Credits video: Mrs Jack©2015.

Mrs Jack Presents: One of a Kind Tablescapes, Serving Trays and 3D Still-Lifes

Mrs Jack gathered her collection of special, historical, high & low end or quirky server and glassware, home-accessories and random (design) objects to create unique tablescapes, serving trays and still-lifes for your home. It was built and is treasured with love and care.

Mrs Jack’s styling experience in combination with her ability to think out-of-the-box are the essential ingredients for the unique presentations sold in this webshop.

Mrs Jack’s creations are made for numerous occasions such as: breakfast in bed, xmas dining, luncheon with friends, (children’s) parties, and many more…. Feel free to browse Mrs Jack’s site to learn more about the collection and see what you fancy.