educational breakfast mrsjack



Goodmorning! Why don’t you get educational during breakfast time?! Your child will learn, in a playful manner, the complete alphabet and all about the birds and the bees ànd how 1+1 = 2 can become 3. There you go; your child will be reading and counting before even going to school!
Maybe you have some explaining to do; don’t worry, that will be fun!
Tip: also perfect for use in bed because the serving tray has a beanbag bottom. #recycledstyle


Exactly what you get:

1 white beanbag serving tray/Mug with the number 1 in red (66, Monopoli)/Mug with the number 3 in blue (Villeroy & Boch)/1 bespoke, ceramic, tall eggcup in the shape of a girl (Tjechy, Mimi Berlin)/Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of elephants ‘doing it’/ 1 drinking glass with the alphabet (Nesquick)/1 oval pink ceramic plate (signed)/1 cotton napkin with hand-embroidered flower in crosstich. All items are vintage in mint condition.

Please contact Mrs Jack for more information or to order.